Over all the years, (...since 2005 as a matter of fact! Wow, has it been that long that I have been designing jewelry?!) there are those designs that are made to layer to really add that extra ba-bam! Then there are those other pieces, that well, just give that special spark to many outfits- time and time again! 

Born...the Summer's Faves Collection!! 

You can't go wrong with any of these pieces, as they are meant for EVERY woman who has that desire to:

Be Classy.

Be Unique.

Be a Standout. 

Go on darling! #rethinkjewelry and become more of who you are from the inside out! 

Interchangeable Necklace Chain (Discontinued Styles) from $ 18.00
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Interchangeable Bracelet Chain $ 48.00
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Interchangeable Pendants from $ 18.00
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Athenian Fringe Bracelet $ 58.00
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Go To Earrings (gold, silver, or bronze) $ 32.00
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Classy but Fierce Bracelet $ 56.00
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