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Susan and Summer are two passionate connectors on a mission to impact the lives of millions of people in a meaningful way.


Every story told will challenge you to tap in to your own brilliance, own your awesome, and live the life you deserve.


Our hope is that each interview -


GIVES you the strength to conquer your fears,


EMPOWERS you to your highest version of your authentic self and


allow other wise souls to


MENTOR you to that next level of greatness.




The GEM Alliance is a group of women who believe:

  • In the power of mindset. We are what we think.
  • In the power of choice. We choose who we become.
  • In the power of failure. Every failure is only a lesson learned.
  • In the power of perspectives. Everyone can gain a GEM in every story told.
  • In the power of connection. Every voice matters.
  • In the power of innovation. Every problem has a solution.


Our hope is that you PUSH PLAY and feel more alive and grateful for this present day. Let us live life to our fullest potential and be happy for our legacy we leave on this earth.


0% Regrets. 100% Passion.


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